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Tekla BIM Awards 2017 (Poland) Quick Park Shopping Centre modeled by GTK s.c.

BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BIM technology enables us to design building objects in 3D with full information about all elements of the model. Thus, we obtain a possibility of full coordination between businesses and information about the amount of material and the number of elements applied at every stage of the project. Our firm implemented the leading software in this respect dedicated to the designers of Tekla Structures.

The model structure in Tekla Structure allows to manage the future building process, thanks to the possibility of creating on the basis of this model building schedules, work organization and material order.

Essential advantages of BIM technology:

  • A good 3D control of correctness of construction elements that have been modelled enables us to assess the arrangement of boarding reinforcing bars and to eliminate further problems on the building site.
  • A simple control of adjustment of construction elements reduces further problems with their installation.
  • The possibility of exporting the model in IFC format allows to obtain a good coordination between businesses and an automatic option of any collision detection e.g. between the construction and installations.
  • Creation of the design documentation in 2D of very good quality. Creation of additional sections requires the minimum of work which allows the designer to add more details to the technical drawing that can be useful on the building site.
  • Carefully prepared process of design creation enables us to put a considerable amount of information (levels, dimensions,weights, names, descriptions,properties)which are created and updated automatically in case of the construction model changes.It can also prevent us from making mistakes and allows to introduce quick changes of documentation.
  • Fast creation of quantity reports concerning the used material and elements on every stage of a project and during the building process.

BIM technology will not substitute a man. Neither will it eliminate all faults appearing in the design documentation, but it will limit them considerably and thus facilitate the building process.